If you are here I imagine the time has come that you can no longer manage everything yourself. That's exactly why it’s in your best interest to hire help! Expanding your business with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant gives you a little breathing room between reaching clients, making it to meetings, and still finding time to maintain your sanity.

The key to utilizing me as your virtual assistant to increase your revenue is shifting the non-dollar productive tasks from your plate, enabling you to focus on the most profitable task of your business: focusing on building your client relationships and closing deals. Give yourself some time to THINK, plan for goals, or create new opportunities.

Despite the glamorization of “the hustle”, a healthy business shouldn’t require you to put in 60 hours a week or miss important time with your family. There’s no better way to make more money in fewer hours, than by enlisting the help of a REVA like myself so that you can focus and reach your goals!

"Karie is a well-educated individual, that gives 110% to every client and situation that comes her way. She is very knowledgable in the Real Estate field and an absolute pleasure to work alongside."
Craig Wilson
Realtor at Coldwell Banker Fairbairn Realty


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Hiring me as your Real Estate Virtual Assistant will save you time and money.

You can be free to focus on what YOU do BEST and get more listings and buyers. 

Expand your business and increase your income! With my background as a licensed Real Estate Agent, you won’t need to train me. 

I’m excited to learn more about you and to see how my virtual assistant services can help you elevate your business to the next level! 

Karie Jeisel - Real Estate Virtual Assistant


Working with clients to elevate their Real Estate business to the next level since 2019.